Finely-poured concrete has tremendous curb appeal for a home. When you have a pristine driveway without cracks and a perfectly-aligned walkway to your front door, it’s a major value-add for your home. I need remodelling is ready to help you place and finish your concrete to a new level of excellence. We pride ourselves on being the foremost residential concrete contractors in Dallas, TX. Our concrete capabilities span the gamut and we’re willing to tackle projects of any size and scope. From a simple walking path to a brand-new driveway or patio, turn to us for a finished product that’s guaranteed to look beautiful for years to come

Drive Way

A beautiful driveway or walkway will enhance curb appeal and add value to your home. It will improve the first impression of everyone who comes into contact with your home. Furthermore, it will enhance safety, as there are no risks of falling while walking on a cracked walkway. A cracked driveway could also damage your tires, making this one more reason to repair or replace your driveway and walkway.
I need remodelling are perfect for this job, as we have years of experience in driveway and walkway repair and enhancement. We balance aesthetics with safety and functionality to give you a driveway that you will be proud of. We can also give an ‘oomph’ to your curb appeal by adding decorative edges that will make every drive home from work more pleasant and satisfying.
We always use high quality materials such as concrete, asphalt, paves, gravel and cobblestone to design an exquisite driveway. The installation, repair or enhancement process is usually fast but efficient. The end result will be easy to maintain, and materials such as cobblestone can last you for up to 100 years. We will always consider your budget and your needs when recommending and installing your new driveway or walkway.


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