How much attic insulation do I need?
The performance of an insulation material is measured by “R-Value”, where the “R” stands for Resistance. The thicker the insulation, the greater/higher it’s R-value and performance.
As of 2016, the standard building code for attic insulation in L.A., Orange, Ventura and surrounding counties is R-38. Back in the 1970’s, when many of our homes were built, the code was R-19 and in the years to follow it was R-30. The various performance levels, R-19, R-30 and R-38 is all made from the same insulation material, only the thickness of the insulation differs in order to achieve different R-values and performance.

Most homes have some old or “existing” attic insulation already in their attic. Typically we just add more insulation to what you already have in order to bring the attic up to an R-38 rating. Many homeowners presume the old insulation needs to be removed and this notion is widely promoted by other companies and their aggressive salesman, but removing the old insulation is rarely required or even beneficial. The existing insulation may be dusty, contain some old roofing debris and look quite tattered, but it’s just old material; it doesn’t contain asbestos nor contain anything that wouldn’t be rendered safe once new & fresh material is installed over it. Also, there’s no chemical interaction or problem with mixing various insulation materials either. We actually can save you money by using your existing insulation as a base and installing enough additional material over it to bring the attic up to R-38. If you still believe you may need to remove your old insulation, please see our section on Insulation Removal.

Attic insulation is easy, most homes can be completely insulated in just 2-3 hours and you can be home while we do the work and no permit is required. We enter the attic through a crawl-hole, typically located in the hallway, closet or garage. The process is quiet, clean, and straight forward. We also utilize a dust-reduction system and keep our jobs nice and clean. Our truck parks on the street or in your driveway and most everything happening inside your home is very quiet and non-disruptive. Homeowners have had us insulate their homes in the afternoon and then hosted dinner parties later that night, insulating your home is not a major production.
Not just an improvement… it’s an investment! Dollar-per-value, attic insulation is unbeatable. Typically paying for itself through savings within a year, it’s perhaps the best investment you’ll ever make to your home. It pays for itself and then continues to save you money. Because our government recognizes the importance of having proper insulation, there are often Rebates to provide incentive to homeowners to insulate.
You will want to bring up your attic up to R-38:
• If your attic has little or no existing insulation, you’ll want to install an R-38 rated material
• If your attic has 2-3″ of existing insulation, you’ll want to install an R-30 to achieve a total of R-38
• If your attic has 5-6″ of existing insulation, you’ll want to install an R-19 to achieve a total of R-38

Home Insulation Services
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If you are looking to make your home more energy efficient, insulation is a great option. Using the proper insulation will provide you with better temperature control of your home. Maybe you are building a new home and are in need of installing insulation. We can help with this too. Either way the insulation in you walls, attic and crawl space will be the number one factor in providing your home with lower energy costs and proper temperature control.
When deciding on new insulation it can be very confusing. It may be difficult to know what to use. After all there are so many different R-values and types of insulation. So which one do you choose? Here at The Attic Specialist we can help you to understand what the best option is for your home.

Cooler in the Summer AND Warmer in the Winter!
The attic is by far the most important area of your home to have insulated. We suggest homeowners make certain their attic is well insulated before insulating any other area of their home. All too often homeowners believe they have adequate insulation in their attic and in fact only have a small fraction of what they should have. Like many things in life, some people rather not know and just presume things are fine, all the while their heating and cooling bills are unreasonably high or they’re suffering with an uncomfortable home. Check your attic insulation!
Attic insulation works both during the summer and during the winter. In summer it reduces heat from coming into the home and in winter it holds heat from rising out. The result is a more comfortable home with lower energy bills year-round. For a better understanding of how insulation works, see our section How Insulation Works.
The attic can be insulated using rolled-in fiberglass, blown-in fiberglass or blown-in cellulose. Your choice, but we strongly feel the cellulose is the best insulation material to choose from. Cellulose is more effective, more efficient, longer-lasting and safer than fiberglass. For more information on materials, see our sections on Cellulose vs. Fiberglass, or our section on Blown vs. Rolls.
Many homeowners believe they have sufficient insulation already in their attic. Ideally, you want to have a performance rating of R-38. Cellulose develops an R-38 rating with approx. 10″ of thickness, while fiberglass requires up to 16″ in order to attain the same R-38 rating.


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